Monday, November 29, 2010

Coffee with a Cause

Let us tell you about Just Love Coffee Roasters. The owner, Rob Webb, is in the family business of roasting coffee. When he and his wife adopted from Ethiopia, he developed a vision for using his expertise to help others. Since all of their coffee is fair trade, the poor farmers all over the world are helped by his business. And they offer fundraising opportunities for adopting families, like us. So if people make purchases from our “store,” we receive $5 per bag – mailed directly to us monthly for our adoption fund. Talk about a wonderful company!

Please consider supporting our family and this amazing company. What a great and unique Christmas present! But, of course, purchase some for yourself too, and help bring an orphan home.

Click here to order your coffee now from Africa, Central America, South America or even Asia!

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Our First Post!

When we went for nine months of pre-marital counseling five years ago, we talked a lot about what having a blended family with six children would mean. At that time, we had no idea that God's ultimate call for our "blending" would involve an 11 year old Haitian orphan named Beatrice. When we went to Haiti for a medical mission trip in May 2010, God made it very clear to each of us individually and then as a couple that we were to adopt and care for this young girl.

Initially, we were told that adoption from Haiti would be possible and relatively inexpensive compared to most international adoptions. We found out shortly after we returned that Haitian adoptions were closed and that we would have to wait until the new government took over in 2011. We were then told you had to be married for 10 years. After that, we were told that the orphanage where Beatrice lives was not going to do adoptions. It seemed that at every turn, there was an impossible hurdle to clear. We would go to church and just cry when they mentioned our Jeremie orphans.

Despite all of the dead ends and frustrations, we continued to pray that God would either take her off of our hearts or provide the way. Well, guess what? Doors started opening! In short order, we found out on November 11, 2010 at 9:55 am from our church coordinator that "Haiti is ready to roll!!!!!," that there could be an exemption to the 10 year marriage rule, and that the orphanage was not only open to adoptions but was very excited about them. God proved again that He is faithful beyond our wildest dreams.

Today, we look forward to our perfect seventh addition and know that the time will come soon for her to be here with us. We invite you to pray for us and with us, participate in our fundraising (if you find something you like) and countdown the days until we can bring our daughter, Beatrice, home.

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Many blessings,
Trey and Cindy