Wednesday, November 16, 2011

We're in Haiti!

It's been a fun and crazy couple of days in Haiti. Beatrice was extremely happy to see us and meet her Grandma. Funny story...Before we arrived, I asked Doudou how to saw Grandma in Creole. He said "Grand-mare." I laughed so hard! I looked at mom and said "You're a horse!" I'm not sure she liked that very much. Hee! Hee! Later, we learned that Haitian children also say Grandma. Of course you know which one she preferred.

I could describe their first meeting, but truly a picture is worth a thousand words.

Ok...nevermind. I can't take it. I have to add to the 1,000 words. What is Beatrice grabbing?

With the exception of some sores on her body, Beatrice is doing great! She is always beside us, and definitely gets jealous when we show attention to other children. She is a great pouter! She didn't get her way with me one time and walked off. I didn't follow her and she didn't like that at all. She loved singing, dancing and praising our Lord yesterday during VBS.

She knows all of her siblings by name. She says "Sister Faulkner, Sister Taylor, Brother Whit, Brother Christian, Brother Austin and Brother Kevin." She also knows that she has two sets of grandparents. She loves saying "Dedoc" (Trey's father).

I learned yesterday that her photo album we had given her was destroyed by the rain. The children told me that she cried and cried. The good news is that Grandma brought her a new one! We didn't know about the album being destroyed, but God did! He is so amazing!!

She looked through the new photo album yesterday and can already name her cousins Sally, Shelby, Anna, Faith and Brayden. She loves pointing out Faith. She pronounces it "Fauth."

Today is a big day for this Grandma and Momma. For the first time on this trip, Beatrice will be able to leave the orphanage with us. While the children are at school, we are going to have lunch on the beach. Guess who gets to go with us?!?! BEATRICE!!!! She is also going to be able to spend the night with us too! I get to sleep with my daughter for the first time. Oh, the joy in my heart right now!

I packed some cute little jammies with matching soft, fluffy socks. Thanks to Aunt Robbie, the top has her named monogrammed on it. Papa Trey said that she loves taking showers, so I brought great-smelling shampoo, body wash and lotion. We're also going to give her a sweet letter that her cousin Sally wrote. We'll take lots of pictures and post. Oh, what a day it is going to be!

Enough of me rambling! Here are some more pictures:

There are six bunkbeds (3 high) in Beatrice's bedroom.
That's 18 girls in one room!
This bedroom is the size of one our bedrooms at home.

The second and final meal of the day consists of beans and rice.
They add meat one day a week.

Grandma with Elise, Beatrice's "mama" at the orphanage.
Elise is "mama" to 18 children. Oh my goodness!
Trey and I have seen this beautiful woman worshiping and praying
in the Spirit. Beatrice is truly blessed to have her during this season.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Haiti-Bound on Sunday

My sweet mother, Carolyn Swaby, and I will be traveling with a group from our Church to serve the orphans and mommas in Jeremie, Haiti this Sunday. I cannot wait to see the look on Beatrice's face when I get off the bus, and to witness my mother meeting her granddaughter for the first time. Seriously priceless!

As long as the internet is up and running, I will update the blog while we are in Haiti. I'm not sure if you'll receive a notice of a new post, so check back often. (=

Please pray for our travel, health and unity within the team. Also, pray that mountains will move in our adoption process.

Love you all!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Video 0:59

Our daughter, Beatrice, is in this video
eating some fruit at the 0:59 mark

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Hayride Fundraiser Results

Our son, Austin, is AMAZING! At 6:45 pm, 45 minutes after the event started, Austin asked me how we were doing. I was disappointed that we had only raised $200 at that point - maybe breaking even after our expenses. He looked me straight in the eye and said, "Mom, that's great! You broke even AND you're able to spend time with your friends and family. That's a great night!" WOW! What a punch in the stomach! I was being so negative, and it took a wise 13 year old to snap me out of it.

It was a FANTASTIC night - perfect weather with friends and family! In the end, we grossed $1,004. Praise God!

We couldn't have done it without help from a lot of family and friends. A HUGE thank you to Butch and Carolyn Swaby for allowing us to use their property (the perfect place) for the event. Another HUGE thank you to Mike, Joy and Annabelle Morris for showing us a servant's heart. Your family is truly a blessing!

Thank you to those who donated food to our event!

Thank you to those who donated items/services to the Silent Auction!

Thank you to those who helped us set-up, work the event and tear-down!
  • Ali Farell
  • Austin Hannah
  • Austin Peek
  • Ben Swaby
  • Butch and Carolyn Swaby
  • Christian Peek
  • Jordan Keef
  • Sally Swaby
  • Sheri Hendel
  • Stacy (aka "Kermit the Frog") and Wendy Swaby

Thank you to those who attended the event. You are all AWESOME!

    Thursday, October 27, 2011


    I've been asked many times "Why?"

    Why are you adopting?
    Why are you adopting when you have six children?
    Why are you spending money you don't have?
    Why are you adopting from Haiti when there are children in our own country?

    ...and the list goes on and on. The questions may change, but my answer remains the same.

    Because God called us to adopt
    Brandalene "Beatrice" Jean-Baptiste

    I don't know Why He called us to adopt her nor do I need to know. I just know that He did, and I am to be obedient to his calling.

    The path to bring Beatrice home has not been easy. It's financially and emotionally hard. Today, has definitely been one of those hard days. I'm stressing over the Hayride for Haiti fundraiser this Saturday. I don't know if 20 people or 200 people are coming to the event. I have a huge to-do list while taking care of a sick child today.

    I'm also extremely sad over missing Beatrice. Our friend, Jonathan, did a speech in class on orphans. He showed me some pictures yesterday of the city where Beatrice used to live with her grandmother. It broke my heart, but at the same time, I rejoiced in knowing that she is now living in an orphanage where she is safer and has two meals a day. One day, she will be HOME, completely safe, and have a family who loves and cherishes her. This is what keeps me going through the rough days.

    Here are the two pictures Jonathan showed me. Breaking my heart for what breaks His!

    Cite Soleil was literally built on top of a dump.
    Check out the homes in the background.

    Girls on their way to school in Cite Soleil.

    Please take a moment to watch one of our favorite videos.


    Sunday, October 23, 2011

    It's This Saturday!

    Hayride for Haiti
    Fundraiser to Bring Beatrice Home

    We truly hope everyone joins us for a fantastic night - a time to spend with your friends and family while helping to bring an orphan home! All the details are listed on the right-side of this page.

    Some things to remember...
    • Come hungry! We will have lots of food, drinks and yummy s'mores.
    • We will have a MASSIVE bonfire, but definitely wear warm clothes for the hayride. Brrrrr!
    • Bring your soccer chair if you just want to "chill" by the fire.
    • Children in costumes should bring a bag/basket to hold their candy!
    • Costumes for ALL AGES are encouraged, but not required. Trey and I have our costumes and have been practicing our cheers. Well...maybe more Trey than me.
    • We can accept Credit Cards.
    • Silent Auction begins at 6 pm. The winners will be announced at 8 pm. Some items we currently have are:
      • Amanda Humphrey Photography Session
      • Build-A-Bear Craftshop
      • Chili's Bar & Grill Restaurant Gift Certificates
      • Christmas Gift Basket
      • Embroidery Solutions "Hoop-It-All"
      • Mini Trio Facial from SkinRN
      • Ms. Sue's Medspa Basket
      • Permanent Makeup from SkinRN
      • Ranger 66MM, Black, 150MM Temple Cable with 3 Lenses (Sporting Glasses)
      • Set of 10 GORGEOUS, Handmade Children's Bows
      • Titans Tickets
      • Vintage Blue Fox Fur Coat
      • more to come!
      • If you have any items/services that you would like to donate for the auction, PLEASE call me at 615-417-3377.
      • Adoption T-Shirts (Adults): $15 each (normally $20)
      • Adoption T-Shirts (Children): $10 each (normally $15)
      • "Haiti" Bracelets made by one of our Haitian friends: $5 each (normally $10)
      • "Healthy Chocolate" Bracelets made by one of our Haitian friends: $5 each (normally $10)
    • We have been approved! LifeSong for Orphans has approved us to accept tax-deductible donations. Checks should be written to LifeSong for Orphans with our NAME (Emerson) and NUMBER (2388) in the memo line. You can either give us the check to mail, or you can mail it to them at:
    Lifesong For Orphans
    P. O. Box 40 / 202 N. Ford Street
    Gridley, IL 61744
    Hope to see everyone at the hayride!

    Trey and Cindy

    Tuesday, October 11, 2011

    Some Updates

    Long Hollow has another team in Haiti right now loving on all of the orphans. Trey and I are truly enjoying seeing all the pictures and updates they put up on Facebook each day. We saw our first pictures of Beatrice today:

    Two updates came today. One from Michael Morris:

    She is great! Beautiful as ever with her amazing smile.
    She is friends with my Sonjua and hangs out with us some. 
    They sang for me- I have it on video and will post it when I get home. 

    The other from his beautiful daughter, Annabelle:

    Hey mama Cindy, this is Annabelle on daddy's fb! :):)
    Beatrice is doing great. I got a video of her for you.
    Found out that she is not very good at saying
    hayride...or Haiti. ;);) haha, we're gonna work on it!
     I gave her the photo of you, me and Trey.

    Annabelle gave Beatrice a picture of the two of us (Annabelle and Cindy) on her last trip to Haiti. She was very happy, but then asked "Where's Papa?" So, on this trip, we made sure Papa was in the picture.

    Speaking of Hayride, we simplified the process of attending our HAYRIDE FOR HAITI. You can now purchase tickets at the event for $10 per person ($50 max per family).

    Please invite your friends and family to come with you. This is a perfect night to spend together while helping an orphan come home!

    Get all the details here 

    Sunday, October 2, 2011

    The Decision is Made

    Trey and I have made
    our decision for our costumes!

    Once they arrive, we are planning to do a
    So, get pumped-up about our upcoming
    and order your tickets today!

    Promo video coming soon
    to a computer near you!

    Tuesday, September 27, 2011

    Hayride For Haiti

    A Fundraiser for "Bring Beatrice Home"

    Saturday, October 29, 2011

    6:00 pm - 10:00 pm

    130 Pendleton Hill Road, Goodlettsville
    Only 2 miles from Beech High School

    Hayride, Bonfire, Costume Contest, Food, Family Fun and a Silent Auction (costumes are not required to attend the event)

    Bidding begins at 6:00 pm. Winners announced at 8:00 pm. Credit cards, checks and cash accepted.

    $10 per person / $50 per family
    Children 2 and under free
    Save money by purchasing the pre-sale tickets.

    A huge thank you to Coca-Cola, Nabisco and Publix for their generous donations!

    Trey and Cindy Emerson


    Individually-wrapped candy to hand out to those dressed up in costumes. Easy-handling desserts, such as cookies, brownies, etc.

    Items and/or services needed for our Silent Auction. A great way to promote businesses!

    Looking for someone to repair the toilet inside the trailer that will be used during the event.

    Check-In Table, Food and Drink Tables, Parking, Set-Up, Silent Auction Table and Tear-Down

    Cindy Emerson

    Friday, September 23, 2011

    New Bebe Pics

    Tyler Hirth emailed us these pictures last night of Dr. Jason giving our little gift to Beatrice (aka "Bebe") - 50 pictures from the Summer with her Long Hollow family, the t-shirt we made her, and a letter from Papa Trey and Momma Cindy.

    The last picture must have been when Beatrice was teasing Dr. Jason. See the full story here.

    The look on Dr. Jason's face is

    Wednesday, September 21, 2011

    Emails from Dr. Jason!

    We received a couple of emails from Dr. Jason, the leader of the medical mission trip currently in Haiti. Simply seeing his name in my inbox brings such joy to us! Here are some of his comments:
    • My first patient of the day was Beatrice!
    • She recognized me but was obviously disappointed when she figured out that Mama and Papa weren't with us. :(
    • She looked actually quite well although still a little thing she had gained some weight and said she was eating well.
    • Oh how I wish you could have seen the joy on her face when I told her I had a surprise from y'all.
    • Funny I took the shirt out and held it up to her. She got very quiet and so I asked her if she liked it. She said NO with a scowl. I gave it a second thinking she didn't understand me. She then smiled and said "just kidding" in Creole. Little stinker!
    • She took her second round of shots like a champ and was bouncing around within minutes. 
    • This smile came after I said something funny trying to speak Creole!!  I tried to fix the shoulder piece on the dress but it didn't hold. I gave her a big hug from you all.
    Thank you, Dr. Jason, for keeping us updated and loving on our daughter! You are awesome!

    Trey and Cindy

    Tuesday, September 20, 2011

    Pictures from Haiti

    Gerald Trottman, our Worship Pastor at Long Hollow, is in Haiti right now. Here are some pictures that he just emailed us!

    Love that beautiful smile!

    I think Gerald and Beatrice are having way too much fun!

    What is the person on the left doing? (=

    She loves playing the drums.
    OH!!!! She is wearing the shirt we made her!!!
    Click here to read the story behind the shirt.


    Monday, September 19, 2011

    Medical Team in Haiti

    A medical team arrived at the orphanage today to give the children their second round of immunizations. The leader of this trip is our children's pediatrician, Dr. Jason Kastner. It is amazing that he will be personally assessing Beatrice this week! I only wish that I could be there to comfort her after her shots. We were there with Jason for the first round, and whoa, that child is a fighter!

    The last communication we had regarding our adoption process was they had picked up Beatrice's birth certificate from the mayor's office and were forwarding it to the attorney in Port-au-Prince. Please pray that we will have some wonderful news this week, and that our baby girl will be moved to Port-au-Prince.

    Speaking of our baby girl, Trey showed me two pictures from his phone on Thursday night that I had never seen. They were taken in Haiti on his last trip.

    Picture was taken at the Guest House in Haiti. Let me first say
    that it is EXTREMELY hot there. Beatrice wanted to sleep ON TOP
    of Papa Trey. She was cold, so she had her thick blanket on top of her.
    Trey said that this was the hottest he has ever been in his entire life!

    Ton Ton Jonathan took this picture of the sleeping beauties.
    Ton Ton in creole means uncle.


     Saturday, October 29, 2011
    6 pm - 10 pm
    Complete details coming soon

    Many blessings this week!
    It's going to be FANTASTIC!

    Sunday, September 11, 2011

    I'm Addicted!

    Trey told me yesterday that he needed to do an intervention on me. I really don't look at it as an addiction; I see it as being inspired! What are we talking about? Oh my goodness! I'm in love with this website!

    My friend, Erica Ho, started sewing and giving me the itch to be creative. Then, another friend, Stephanie Passons, came to our recent yard sale. She started talking about a website called I was so intrigued! I spent several hours on the site that night (we won't talk about how many hours I've spent in the past week...shhhhh!)

    I started and completed my first project over the weekend with Taylor and Kevin. Let's just say that it was a learning process.

    We started with three tees from Wal-Mart
    at $3.88 each (Yes! The roll-back prices!).
    One each for Taylor, Kevin and Beatrice.

    Next, we took cut-out letters and sprayed
    adhesive on the back of the letters.

    We attached the letters to the tee.

    We put non-diluted bleach in an old Windex bottle
    and then sprayed the tee. Ok. I have a confession.
    I had thrown this bottle in the trash can earlier in the day.
    I had to go digging (felt like dumpster diving) to get it out.
    But hey! It's free!

    We peeled off the letters and "wah-lah!"
    Looks really great, huh? Well, maybe not...

    If you spray too much bleach, you get HOLES!

    Obviously, we used less bleach (just TWO sprays)
    with Taylor and Beatrice's tees. We are sending this
    picture and tee to Beatrice. She'll love it! 

    I'll be making Kevin a new tee this week.
    He requested orange.

    Now, onto my next project!

    Wednesday, September 7, 2011

    Computer Death

    Sad, but true...We had a funeral over the weekend to bury my hard drive. :( Boo hoo hoo! I managed to back-up everything except my address book - UGH! So basically, I do not have anyone's email address now. This includes the group email to send updates on Beatrice.

    If you would like to receive an email when there is a new post, please enter your email address at the top right.

    Friends and Family: Please send me your email address to so my address book will be happy again. :)

    Don't forget to watch the below video: Beatrice's Summer  

    Thanks everyone!

    Sunday, September 4, 2011

    Sale Results & Beatrice Update

    We are thankful for everyone who donated items to our yard sale. All three families came together and worked so hard setting up, pricing and advertising.

    Picture taken at 6 am & before we opened the garage doors

    Once the garage doors were closed on Saturday, we tallied up our profits and the grand total came to $1,200 ($400 per family)! God is so good!

    Now...drum roll please! We have an update on Beatrice!

    We received confirmation that her birth certificate was produced and picked up from the mayor's office in Jeremie. It is now on its way to an attorney in Port-au-Prince. It should take him approximately one week to prepare his file before it is delivered to the director at the creche. If everything is in order, then our baby girl will be moved to PAP. At that point, it may take another 12 months before she is home with us. Yes! That's tough to hear, but we truly believe that God's timing is and always will be PERFECT!

    Saturday, October 29, 2011
    6 pm - 10 pm

    Details for our
    Hayride/Bonfire coming soon!

    Tuesday, August 23, 2011

    Three Crazy Families

    I cannot believe that I'm actually typing this right now. We are having another yard sale starting in 10 days. Yes! We're crazy! But, we're not the only crazy ones! We are joining forces with two other adoptive families:

     You can click on their names to see their blogs.

    So, we really need to ask for your help once again:
    1. First and foremost, please pray for lots of people to attend the sale and for a great end-of-the-day total for all three families.
    2. We need items to sell. Do you or know of anyone that would like that garage, attic or closet cleaned out? We'll take it! Anything and everything can sell. It amazes to me this day what sells or what doesn't. We will be happy to pick it up too!
    3. Home-baked goods to sell. One of our wonderful neighbors, Annette Gilmer, made the most amazing brownies and cookies last time. She placed them two to a baggie. We sold out VERY QUICKLY!
    4. Spread the word by letting those know about our Yard Sale fundraiser. The details are:

    Yard Sale
    A Benefit to Help Bring Home Four Beautiful Orphans


    Friday, September 2, 2011
    7:00 am - 2:00 pm

    Saturday, September 3, 2011
    7:00 am - 2:00 pm

    Saturday, September 3, 2011
    12:00 noon - 2:00 pm

    1029 Dorset Drive in Hendersonville
    Somerset Downs subdivision - 1 mile from Beech High School

    Questions or to Donate Items?
    Please call Cindy at 615-417-3377

    Thank you!

    Monday, August 8, 2011

    Silent Auction Begins Today

    We are Very Excited about our
    Silent Auction from
    Amanda Humphrey Photography!

    Here's how the Silent Auction works:

    You are bidding on a Photo Session with Amanda Humphrey Photography (Sumner County area). This session includes a cd of all edited images, plus the copyrights to reproduce them however you wish.

    Ms. Amanda is donating 100% of your bid to our adoption!

    Bids begin on:  Monday, August 8, 2011
    Bids end on:  Sunday, August 21, 2011 at midnight

    Email your bid to Cindy at

    The current bid is:
    $150 (W.D.)

    We will be updating this post as the bids change. Thank you for supporting our adoption and Amanda Humphrey Photography!

    Facebook Fans: You can view more of Ms. Amanda's work at Amanda Humphrey Photography. Don't forget to "LIKE" her page too! :)

    If you would like to donate an item or service for our Silent Auctions, please let us know by emailing Cindy at or calling her at 615-417-3377.

    Tuesday, July 26, 2011

    Online Sale

    We are in high-gear to raise some money with FANTASIC items for sale (and more to come). We truly appreciate you taking the time to look at all the items for sale and also sending this post to all your friends and family. :)

    Let us know if you have any items or services (great way to plug your business!) you would like to donate for our Online Sale. We will be happy to come and pick up the items from you! If you are offering services, please call Cindy or email her at to give her all the details.

    Please contact Cindy at 615-417-3377
    if you are interested in purchasing any
    of the below items. Thank you!!

    Ladies Diamond Tennis Bracelet
    Appraised by Graduate Gemologist Michael Delorm on June 29, 2011
    (see scanned copy of the appraisal below)
    Appraised Value: $5,750
    Asking Price: $1,500 obo
    Appraisal Copy for above Ladies Diamond Tennis Bracelet


    Sofa with Slip Cover
    Asking Price: $50

    Entertainment Center Purchased from B. F. Myers
    The unit is in three sections. You can put it all together (as shown)
    or use the middle piece only and put the outside pieces together.
    Glass shelves for displaying can be moved to desired height.
    Lights are in the top to showcase your treasures.
    B. F. Myers' Purchase Price: $2,500
    Asking Price: $700 obo

    Glider Rocker Chair
    Asking Price: $50 

    Our Adoption Tees
    Adult: $20
    Youth: $15
    Click here for more details

    Haitian-Made Bracelet
    Asking Price: $10
    Click here for more details


    Window Hardware
    Measures: 5 3/4" x 3 3/4"
    Asking Price: $20 for set of four
    My Grandmother passed away recently. The following
    vintage pottery pieces were her personal collection.
    We've listed the Hull pieces first then the Roseville ones.
    Hull Pottery
    "Open Rose"
    #128 - 4 3/4"

    Mid 1940's
    Asking Price: $30

    Hull Pottery
    #11 - 6 1/4"

    1946 - 1947
    Asking Price: $40

    Hull Pottery
    #7 - 8 1/2"

    Asking Price: $45

    Hull Pottery
    #18 - 13 1/2"

    Asking Price: $150


    Roseville Pottery
    #665 - 3"

    Asking Price: $50

    Roseville Pottery
    "Zephyr Lily"
    #130 - 6"

    Asking Price: $75

    Roseville Pottery
    #1392 - 8"

    Asking Price: $100

    Roseville Pottery
    #108 - 8"

    Asking Price: $110

    Roseville Pottery

    #21 - 15"
    Asking Price: $500

    More Items and Services to Come!

    Contact Cindy at 615-417-3377
    to purchase any of the above items.

    Thanks for looking!