Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Online Sale

We are in high-gear to raise some money with FANTASIC items for sale (and more to come). We truly appreciate you taking the time to look at all the items for sale and also sending this post to all your friends and family. :)

Let us know if you have any items or services (great way to plug your business!) you would like to donate for our Online Sale. We will be happy to come and pick up the items from you! If you are offering services, please call Cindy or email her at CynthiaEmerson@comcast.net to give her all the details.

Please contact Cindy at 615-417-3377
if you are interested in purchasing any
of the below items. Thank you!!

Ladies Diamond Tennis Bracelet
Appraised by Graduate Gemologist Michael Delorm on June 29, 2011
(see scanned copy of the appraisal below)
Appraised Value: $5,750
Asking Price: $1,500 obo
Appraisal Copy for above Ladies Diamond Tennis Bracelet


Sofa with Slip Cover
Asking Price: $50

Entertainment Center Purchased from B. F. Myers
The unit is in three sections. You can put it all together (as shown)
or use the middle piece only and put the outside pieces together.
Glass shelves for displaying can be moved to desired height.
Lights are in the top to showcase your treasures.
B. F. Myers' Purchase Price: $2,500
Asking Price: $700 obo

Glider Rocker Chair
Asking Price: $50 

Our Adoption Tees
Adult: $20
Youth: $15
Click here for more details

Haitian-Made Bracelet
Asking Price: $10
Click here for more details


Window Hardware
Measures: 5 3/4" x 3 3/4"
Asking Price: $20 for set of four
My Grandmother passed away recently. The following
vintage pottery pieces were her personal collection.
We've listed the Hull pieces first then the Roseville ones.
Hull Pottery
"Open Rose"
#128 - 4 3/4"

Mid 1940's
Asking Price: $30

Hull Pottery
#11 - 6 1/4"

1946 - 1947
Asking Price: $40

Hull Pottery
#7 - 8 1/2"

Asking Price: $45

Hull Pottery
#18 - 13 1/2"

Asking Price: $150


Roseville Pottery
#665 - 3"

Asking Price: $50

Roseville Pottery
"Zephyr Lily"
#130 - 6"

Asking Price: $75

Roseville Pottery
#1392 - 8"

Asking Price: $100

Roseville Pottery
#108 - 8"

Asking Price: $110

Roseville Pottery

#21 - 15"
Asking Price: $500

More Items and Services to Come!

Contact Cindy at 615-417-3377
or CynthiaEmerson@comcast.net
to purchase any of the above items.

Thanks for looking!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Made in Haiti

Trey purchased 100 bracelets made from a wonderful Haitian named Cherlin a couple of weeks ago while he was at the orphanage. This is a WIN-WIN! The large purchase helped support Cherlin and his family while providing a great fundraiser for our adoption.

The bracelets are perfect for all ages. Our 16 year old son, Christian, never takes his off - shower and all!

The bracelets are $10 each.

Two ways to order:

1.  Email us at CynthiaEmerson@comcast.net or call us at 615-417-3377 to arrange a time to meet (cash or check).


2.  Make payment through Paypal (credit or debit card) and we'll be happy to mail the bracelet(s) to you for an additional $1 per bracelet. Don't forget to email us your mailing address. :)

We still have LOTS of money to raise, so please let your friends and family know about our latest fundraiser. And, don't forget about our other fundraisers: T-Shirts, Coffee with a Cause, E-bates and E-Fundraising Online.

Love you all!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

She Calls Me Papa Now

I can't believe that I'm already back from Haiti for the third trip. What a great pleasure it is to serve along fellow medical folks in the clinic at the orphanage. Despite our medications being held hostage in Port-au-Prince, we were able to see several hundred adults and children from the city of Jeremie as an outreach of the church. We were able to provide reading glasses and dental care for the community members as well. Because of time restraints, we were only able to give all the girl orphans check-ups this time. Everyone will get a check-up and immunizations in September.

When our bus arrived on Monday, the orphans rushed out to greet us as they usually do. I watched as Beatrice shoved her way through the crowd, across the bridge and jumped into my arms. What an awesome feeling to see your child after five months! She was not very happy that Mama Cindy wasn't with me though. It didn't take long for the group of older girls that Cindy and I have gotten close to to jump in as well.

Beatrice is full of hope. I got to spend more time with her than ever this trip and she even got to spend two nights at the Guest House with me. Here are some our experiences:

  • She took three showers within the 48 hours that she was at the Guest House. This was a new and wonderful experience for her and Amy and Gabrielle said she could not stop smiling.
  • Our team got to take her to the beach on Thursday afternoon for about two hours. Believe it or not, she had never been to the beach before and was scared to death. She, like most Haitians, do not how to swim despite living on a tropical island. She quickly fell in love with the feeling of the sand and the water between her toes.
  • She slept in my single bunk bed with me both nights and was a heat magnet. The first night she fell asleep on top of me covered by a thick, thermal sleeping bag. When the air conditioner went out, I thought that I was going to sweat to death. Thankfully, I was able to gently slide her off of me without waking her up. She slept like a rock likely because it's the safest she's felt in a long time. The second night she was a little more restless probably because she slept so much the previous night. She kept telling me at different times she was "grangou" (hungry) and had to go "pee-pee."
  • Beatrice did well in the restaurant when we went out to eat, but still showed a tendency to hoard food and drinks at the Guest House afraid that she might not get another chance for a while. All in all though, I had a sense she adjusted well to the changes and that there wouldn't be any insurmountable issues at the creche.

Overall, she was a real blessing to all the team members and the joy that she expressed was contagious.

On the last morning before we went to the airport, I had a chance to talk to Pastor Dony, Pastor Lionel and Doudou together. After what has seemed like months of miscommunication and confusion, we now all seem to be on the same page as far as what needs to be done to get not only Beatrice but all of the children being adopted to the creche.

Please continue to pray for progress and timely movement of the children to Port-au-Prince. This is a crucial time in the adoption process. Erica, our Adoption Coordinator, arrived at the orphanage yesterday. Please pray for her efforts in continuing and completing the process.

Only through Christ,

    Saturday, July 9, 2011

    Trey is Home

    Thank you for praying for Trey during his trip to Haiti. He is home, but is EXHAUSTED and already in bed. We will update the blog with all the news once he has had time to rest. In the meantime, here is a video and some pictures. :-)




    Despite growing up on a tropical island,
    this was her first time to the beach.
    She was scared, and didn't know how to swim.

    This picture breaks my heart!


    Wednesday, July 6, 2011

    Two Phone Calls

    I heard the most wonderful sound when I answered my cell phone at 6:23 pm and then again at 7:47 pm. It was BEATRICE and "PAPA TREY!" Beatrice kept saying IN ENGLISH "I love you, Mama" and then would kiss the phone. I would reply in Creole "Mwen renmen ou, Beatrice" which means "I love you, Beatrice."

    At one point during my conversation with Trey, Beatrice asked to get back on the phone to sing me a song. She sang "Jesus Loves Me" in English and then in Creole. Honestly, I just sat and cried as I listened to her sing. Our daughter truly loves the Lord!

    Trey got back on the phone and said that Beatrice was going to spend the night with him at the Guest House. Oh my goodness! YAYYYYY!!!! Just thinking about it again brings a huge smile to my face. What an incredible blessing for them!

    The interpreter we had a year ago in Cayes is staying at the Guest House too. This is FANTASTIC, because he will be able to translate conversations.

    Trey said that Beatrice is still very small, but healthy. The injury she had to her shoulder has healed nicely. She ate too much food yesterday which caused her to vomit. :( 

    She is calling Jonathan "tonton" which means "uncle" in Creole. Too cute!

    PRAYER WARRIORS: Trey and Dr. Bernard will be talking tomorrow morning about moving Beatrice to PAP. Please cover this conversation in prayer. Also, praise God for all He has done, and will continue to do. I truly want to give Him all the glory with each step.

    In that day you will say; Give praise to the LORD,
    proclaim his name; make known among the nations
    what he has done, and proclaim that his name is exalted.
    -Isaiah 12:4

    I will update you all tomorrow night!


    Tuesday, July 5, 2011

    Specific Prayer Request

    I have looked at Facebook over 100 times today looking for my sweet hubby. Of course, I know that he won't be on until late at night, but you know, just in case. Finally, at 8:24 pm (yes! I know! late at night!), HE SENT ME A MESSAGE!!!!

    doudou is calling dr. bernard in the morning.
    please pray that we can move her on friday.
    generator is off and on.
    i will try to message in the morning.
    beatrice is doing great !
    i love you and i miss you soooo much !

    Dr. Bernard is the Director of the creche in Port-au-Prince (PAP). THIS IS HUGE! Please pray that their conversation goes well and that Beatrice will be able to fly with Trey to PAP this Friday. God is so good and ALWAYS faithful!

    This is today's bible verse that I read this morning:

    In that day you will say; Give praise to the LORD,
    proclaim his name; make known among the nations
    what he has done, and proclaim that his name is exalted.
    -Isaiah 12:4


    One other request...Please cover Trey in prayer as I know he is working extremely hard serving the medical needs of the Haitians. The heat is horrible! Note to those who served with us in May: No Sham Wow! It's now the Frogg Togg thanks to Jonathan. ha!

    Keep checking back as I will post updates a lot this week.

    Love you all!

    Monday, July 4, 2011

    Trey is in Haiti

    Trey left yesterday with nine other team members to serve the medical needs of the orphans and staff in Haiti. The team also plans to open up the clinic to those living in the Jeremie village.

    He texted me this morning at 10:00 to say they had arrived safely, and would be seeing our daughter shortly. Beatrice didn't know Trey was coming, so it will definitely be a huge surprise for her. What a beautiful image I have in my head of when she sees "Papa Trey" arriving at the orphanage!

    Trey will also be working closely with Doudou to finish all the paperwork needed in order to move Beatrice to the creche in Port-au-Prince.

    Please pray for the team, the people they are serving and for God to give Trey and Doudou guidance in accomplishing the goal of moving our daughter this week.

    I am keeping my phone attached to my body and am stalking him on Facebook. I'M NOT KIDDING EITHER! I really am! I can't wait for the next update. Of course, I will keep you updated as well.

    OH MY!!!!

    As I was getting ready to publish this post, TREY SENT ME A MESSAGE through Facebook!!!!!

    Internet is off and on. Beatrice was glad to see me
    but REALLY wanted mama Cindy. It is very very hot here.
    Doudou is talking to Pastor Dony tonight. Please pray.
     I have been wearing him out!
    It is just not the same without you here.
    Next time you come to Haiti we will stop at PAP !!!
    I love you and I miss you VERY much ! Happy 4th !

    I'm not sure if I'm crying more over Beatrice wanting "Mama Cindy" or missing my wonderful husband. I know he's only been gone for a little over 24 hours, but I love and miss him SO MUCH!

    PLEASE pray for the meeting between Pastor Dony and Doudou tonight, and for our family to be together soon - specifically by Christmas of this year.

    Love you all,