Thursday, October 27, 2011


I've been asked many times "Why?"

Why are you adopting?
Why are you adopting when you have six children?
Why are you spending money you don't have?
Why are you adopting from Haiti when there are children in our own country?

...and the list goes on and on. The questions may change, but my answer remains the same.

Because God called us to adopt
Brandalene "Beatrice" Jean-Baptiste

I don't know Why He called us to adopt her nor do I need to know. I just know that He did, and I am to be obedient to his calling.

The path to bring Beatrice home has not been easy. It's financially and emotionally hard. Today, has definitely been one of those hard days. I'm stressing over the Hayride for Haiti fundraiser this Saturday. I don't know if 20 people or 200 people are coming to the event. I have a huge to-do list while taking care of a sick child today.

I'm also extremely sad over missing Beatrice. Our friend, Jonathan, did a speech in class on orphans. He showed me some pictures yesterday of the city where Beatrice used to live with her grandmother. It broke my heart, but at the same time, I rejoiced in knowing that she is now living in an orphanage where she is safer and has two meals a day. One day, she will be HOME, completely safe, and have a family who loves and cherishes her. This is what keeps me going through the rough days.

Here are the two pictures Jonathan showed me. Breaking my heart for what breaks His!

Cite Soleil was literally built on top of a dump.
Check out the homes in the background.

Girls on their way to school in Cite Soleil.

Please take a moment to watch one of our favorite videos.


Sunday, October 23, 2011

It's This Saturday!

Hayride for Haiti
Fundraiser to Bring Beatrice Home

We truly hope everyone joins us for a fantastic night - a time to spend with your friends and family while helping to bring an orphan home! All the details are listed on the right-side of this page.

Some things to remember...
  • Come hungry! We will have lots of food, drinks and yummy s'mores.
  • We will have a MASSIVE bonfire, but definitely wear warm clothes for the hayride. Brrrrr!
  • Bring your soccer chair if you just want to "chill" by the fire.
  • Children in costumes should bring a bag/basket to hold their candy!
  • Costumes for ALL AGES are encouraged, but not required. Trey and I have our costumes and have been practicing our cheers. Well...maybe more Trey than me.
  • We can accept Credit Cards.
  • Silent Auction begins at 6 pm. The winners will be announced at 8 pm. Some items we currently have are:
    • Amanda Humphrey Photography Session
    • Build-A-Bear Craftshop
    • Chili's Bar & Grill Restaurant Gift Certificates
    • Christmas Gift Basket
    • Embroidery Solutions "Hoop-It-All"
    • Mini Trio Facial from SkinRN
    • Ms. Sue's Medspa Basket
    • Permanent Makeup from SkinRN
    • Ranger 66MM, Black, 150MM Temple Cable with 3 Lenses (Sporting Glasses)
    • Set of 10 GORGEOUS, Handmade Children's Bows
    • Titans Tickets
    • Vintage Blue Fox Fur Coat
    • more to come!
    • If you have any items/services that you would like to donate for the auction, PLEASE call me at 615-417-3377.
    • Adoption T-Shirts (Adults): $15 each (normally $20)
    • Adoption T-Shirts (Children): $10 each (normally $15)
    • "Haiti" Bracelets made by one of our Haitian friends: $5 each (normally $10)
    • "Healthy Chocolate" Bracelets made by one of our Haitian friends: $5 each (normally $10)
  • We have been approved! LifeSong for Orphans has approved us to accept tax-deductible donations. Checks should be written to LifeSong for Orphans with our NAME (Emerson) and NUMBER (2388) in the memo line. You can either give us the check to mail, or you can mail it to them at:
Lifesong For Orphans
P. O. Box 40 / 202 N. Ford Street
Gridley, IL 61744
Hope to see everyone at the hayride!

Trey and Cindy

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Some Updates

Long Hollow has another team in Haiti right now loving on all of the orphans. Trey and I are truly enjoying seeing all the pictures and updates they put up on Facebook each day. We saw our first pictures of Beatrice today:

Two updates came today. One from Michael Morris:

She is great! Beautiful as ever with her amazing smile.
She is friends with my Sonjua and hangs out with us some. 
They sang for me- I have it on video and will post it when I get home. 

The other from his beautiful daughter, Annabelle:

Hey mama Cindy, this is Annabelle on daddy's fb! :):)
Beatrice is doing great. I got a video of her for you.
Found out that she is not very good at saying
hayride...or Haiti. ;);) haha, we're gonna work on it!
 I gave her the photo of you, me and Trey.

Annabelle gave Beatrice a picture of the two of us (Annabelle and Cindy) on her last trip to Haiti. She was very happy, but then asked "Where's Papa?" So, on this trip, we made sure Papa was in the picture.

Speaking of Hayride, we simplified the process of attending our HAYRIDE FOR HAITI. You can now purchase tickets at the event for $10 per person ($50 max per family).

Please invite your friends and family to come with you. This is a perfect night to spend together while helping an orphan come home!

Get all the details here 

Sunday, October 2, 2011

The Decision is Made

Trey and I have made
our decision for our costumes!

Once they arrive, we are planning to do a
So, get pumped-up about our upcoming
and order your tickets today!

Promo video coming soon
to a computer near you!