About Beatrice

In May 2010, we met 11 year old Beatrice on a medical mission trip in Les Cayes, Haiti. One evening after treating almost 600 orphans, Cindy walked into the bunkhouse to find Trey laying in bed looking at his digital camera. Cindy asked him what he was doing. He replied "I'm looking at an orphan that I've fallen in love with." She replied "I've fallen in love with one too. Let me see yours."


We had no intentions of adopting when we went on this trip, but right then we knew that God wanted Beatrice to be a part of our family.

We talked with the staff at the orphanage and learned that one of Beatrice's parents was murdered and the other killed in the recent earthquake (UPDATE 02/2011: We learned from the Village Pastor that the previous information was incorrect. Sadly, both of Beatrice's parents were murdered). She then went to live with her grandparents who took her to the orphanage that our church, Long Hollow Baptist, is supporting. This in itself was a blessing since many Haitian orphans end up as child slaves, or restaveks.

The adoption process is extremely long and expensive, but we know and firmly believe that God is faithful when we are obedient. His plan is ALWAYS perfect!