These pictures were taken in May 2010 during our medical mission trip to Les Cayes, Haiti.

The orphans made this sign for the front door of our bunkhouse.

Look at how small her arms are in this picture.
She's 11 years old, 4' 4" and 56 lbs.
On the growth chart, she ranks at 3% for height and weight.
Sadly, all the orphans are malnourished.

Beatrice and the other orphans were attempting to braid Trey's hair.
How funny!

Beatrice had these sores over her entire body. She told Trey that
an animal had attacked her while sleeping outside.

Beatrice loves attention...

and playing with Trey...

and stylin' in Cindy's sunglasses!

Beatrice dressed up for our last night in Haiti.

So, so beautiful - inside and out!

We love seeing how she is always smiling.

The last day in Haiti was Trey's birthday.
Beatrice made him a very special birthday card.
She needed help to spell her own name.

Ok...Seriously! How can you not love this face?

If only we could jump back into this picture! Oh, how we miss her!
We just need to remember that God's timing is PERFECT. 

It's jump-roping time!

Beatrice (on the right) and some of her friends with Trey.

Our church, Long Hollow Baptist, took this picture.